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Dilena Brothers Crash Repairs specialises in car detailing in Adelaide. It is our aim to have your car looking immaculate inside and out. With a range of different levels of services on offer, we are certain there is one that will suit you and your car. Our car detailers are fully qualified and skilled, giving you the peace of mind that your car is in safe hands. Below are our levels of car detailing services outlined.
Standard  Using professional products and equipment, our trained detailers will:

  • Give your car a thorough internal vacuum
  • Dust and protect your interior surfaces
  • Clean mild interior stains
  • Wash your car, and
  • Black the tyres
Ideal if you’re wanting a better quality, longer lasting clean.
Bronze Car Detailing Adelaide
 In addition to everything above, we will:

  • Degrease the engine bay with products guaranteed not to harm the paintwork
  • High pressure wash your engine bay
  • Blow dry your engine bay to avoid water marking or damage to the electrics
  • Shine all the black plastic & hoses (optional at no charge)
  • Degrease and steam clean your wheel arches
  • Clean your wheels
Ideal if you want your car in tip top shape inside and out.
Silver Car Detailing Adelaide
 In addition to everything above, we will perform our five stage cut and polish using   professional quality compounds not available in stores:

  1. Clay blocking to remove fall out and road grime from the paint work
  2. Polish and buff with lamb’s wool pads to remove light scratch marks
  3. Glaze with a foam buff pad to seal the paint work for a long lasting shine
  4. Hand wax out all swirl marks to give a glass like finish
  5. Wash to remove any excess polish from crevasses and corners in your car
Ideal if you really like your car to look its best.
Gold Car Detailing Adelaide
 In addition to everything above, we will:

  • Shampoo your vehicle’s interior to remove deep dirt and most stains
  • Deodorise the interior to give it that ‘new car’ feel
  • ‘Brush touch’ the paint work to remove minor chips and scratches
Ideal if you’re looking to sell your car, and want to get top dollar.
If you would like to find out more about our car detailing in Adelaide, give us a call on 8337 3797.
* Please note dark coloured cars may attract additional cost
** Other conditions and charges may also apply